Birthday Cake


“One of the kids celebrating double digits? Turning 40? Getting ready for your 21st? Into sports? Like the color red? Interested in sea creatures? Whatever age you’re celebrating, whatever the guest of honor’s interests, and whatever the party’s theme, our custom cakepop displays are sure to be absolutely perfect for the birthday festivities. The possibilities are endless when creating the right display that will be a crowd-pleasing centerpiece at the party, both for eyes and taste buds!

Our cakepop display creates a unique and memorable experience from the moment it’s presented to the excited guest of honor to the moment it’s time to decide who gets the last cakepop. Our delicious flavors combined with customizable colors will add a little something for everyone, making for a special and memorable occasion (with an added touch of cake-on-a-stick deliciousness!).

Make this year’s birthday celebration even better than the last. Contact us to chat about your party and discuss how we can customize our cakepops to go with your party’s theme.

And if you’re looking for a birthday gift, visit our online shop for some delicious options.”

Birthday Cake Menu

(example of a simple menu that we could do)

Our Birthday Cake