About Us

Cakery Square is located in Homestead, PA in The Waterfront shopping area. We have over 20 years of baking experience on our team and enjoy helping our customers create the most unique pastry items for their special occasions.

We specialize in fondant cakes and other homemade baked goods because our focus is on providing exceptional quality using only the best ingredients. We also offer the premium brand, SpecialTEA Blend, which includes very unique black, green and rooibos tea blends (such as Champagne teas), that are a perfect match to all of our delicious desserts.

Please feel free to email us at order@cakerysquare.com or the Contact Us for more information or a quote.

Address : Cakery Square

159 East Bridge Street, Homestead, PA 15120

Bakery Hours :

Monday – Thursday : 9am – 8pm

Friday and Saturday : 9am – 9pm

Sunday : 11AM – 6PM

E-mail : order@cakerysquare.com